Wedding Stationery - Where to start

We have so many brides come to us with no idea how to start planning their wedding stationery. We know it can be overwhelming with so many options for all of the different wedding stationery items so we've created a guide below to help you decide what stationery you will need for your wedding.

// Save The Date
Once you have your date, you'll need to let your guests know to keep it free. Generally, your save the date card should have your wedding date and the region the wedding will be taking place in. If you are having a destination wedding, sending a save the date will make sure guests know where your wedding is and can allow them time to book flights and accommodation if needed.

// Invitation
First and foremost, you will need an invitation. This usually contains the major details for the wedding, such as the venue, address, date and time.

// Details Card
Depending on the style and size of your invitation, you will most likely need a details card to provide extra bits of information to your guests. Details cards usually include information about gifts/wishing wells, children, dress code, as well as crucial information for destination weddings, such as accommodation recommendations and transport.

// RSVP Card
Most wedding stationery suites we design include a RSVP postcard. These are used for your guests to let you know if they can make it to your wedding. Generally RSVP cards will include a spot for guests to indicate whether or not they will be attending, any dietary requirements and importantly, a song request that will get them dancing!

// Directions/Map
If your wedding venue is hard to find or there are a number of different locations that guests will need to travel to throughout the day, an extra card with directions and a map will come in very handy.

// Belly Band
Belly band is a strange term, but it's exactly what it sounds like! You can use belly bands for your invitation suites so the invitation, details card and RSVP postcard are held together nicely as a little set.

// Welcome Signage
Welcome your guests to your wedding with a custom designed welcome sign, designed to suit the rest of your wedding theme and stationery. Typically, a welcome sign will have yours and your partner's names, your wedding date and possibly a wedding hashtag. Some couples also choose to use the welcome sign to let guests know if the wedding is an unplugged ceremony, meaning they would like guests to keep their devices away and not take any photos or film.

// Wedding Program
A wedding program lets your guests know the order of events for the day, as well as who is in the wedding party.

// Wedding Vows Booklet
You may choose to have your wedding vows printed in a booklet, custom designed to suit the theme of your wedding and the rest of your wedding stationery.

// Seating Plan
If you're having a seated reception, you will need to let your guests know where they can find their place.

// Table Numbers
Once guests know what table they will be seated at from your seating plan, table numbers will help them find the correct table to sit at.

// Place Cards
Indicate where each guest should sit at each table with place cards. Typically place cards will have each guests name, and can also have your names and wedding date or wedding hashtag.

// Menu
Let your guests know what the menu is for the night with a custom designed menu. Some couples choose to have a menu at each place setting, while others choose to have a few menus per table, as opposed to one per guest. Some couples also choose to combine the menu and place card into one piece of stationery, for those who would like a menu per guest.

// Bar Signage
Let your guests know what drinks are on offer with custom designed bar signage. 

// Wedding Favour Tags
You may choose to include a message to your guests or your names and wedding date on tags to attach to your wedding favours.

// Gifts Table Signage
Let guests know where to place gifts or cards with custom signage.

// In Memoriam Signage
You may wish to honour loved ones who are no longer around at your wedding. Some couples choose to include beautiful passages in honour of their late loved ones. This signage can sometimes sit on the same table / location as your gifts table.

// Additional Signage
Depending on the set up of your wedding, you may require additional signage for different aspects of your wedding. These could include anything from photo booth instructions and lawn games rules to dessert station labels.

// Thank You Cards
Once all the fun is over, you will need to thank your guests for attending your wedding and for any gifts you received. Some couples choose to have a message pre-written on thank you cards, or just their names with a space to write their own message. Thank you cards can be designed in line with the rest of your wedding stationery and can also include your favourite image from your wedding photographer.

We would love to help you out with your wedding stationery.
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