Our Wedding Planning: Part 6 // Bridesmaid Dresses

One of the first things I knew as soon as we started planning our wedding was that I wanted my bridesmaids to all be in different dresses. I also loved the idea of them all being different tones in similar colours.
We were having touches of pink in our flowers so decided to start with pink as the main colour for the bridesmaid dresses. I had 5 bridesmaids so knew it was going to take a little bit of work to find mismatched dresses that would all work together. I also really wanted each of the girls to love the dress they were going to wear.
Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses
The first dress I found was the below from Sheike and funnily enough it was the least pink dress out of the 5. It's called the Fanciful Dress and is no longer available to purchase at Sheike but I've seen it on a few dress hire websites. When I found it, I sent the link to my bridesmaids and my Maid of Honour Karla was the first to respond saying she liked it so we locked it in.
Sheike Fanciful Dress
The next dresses I found were the below 2 - the lighter pink from Showpo and the dusty rose from Hello Molly. I popped the links to these dresses in the group chat with the girls and Soph was the first to say she loved the blush one, with Chanelle replying saying she loved the dusty rose one. If you like either of these dresses, they're still available and I've linked them here :)
It worked out perfectly because Soph was going to be standing in the second spot, next to Karla and Chanelle was going to be on the end. When putting the pictures of Karla's & Soph's dresses next to each other, they complemented each other really well. When they arrived, they looked even better in person! 😍
All the girls tried their dresses on and they were perfect. I couldn't believe how easily I had found 3 out of the 5 dresses. It probably took me a good 2 or 3 months to have the first 3. With the 1st, 2nd and 5th dresses sorted, I knew the 3rd needed to be a darker pink to complement the 5th and be different enough to the 2nd.
I then found the below dress from The Iconic for my sister Cassie who was going to be standing in the 3rd spot next to Soph. I sent her the link and she liked it so I purchased it straight away. It was another winner so the that's the 4th dress ticked off!
To finish off the bridesmaids' look, I had to find the 5th and final dress. Louise was going to be standing in the 4th spot, between Cassie and Chanelle so it was easy enough to work out I needed a light blush coloured dress in between the 2 darker pink tones and to tie in with Soph's lighter dress in the 2nd spot. Louise's was actually the hardest to find. I found a different dress initially and it just didn't look right with the style of the rest of the dresses. I then found a beautiful blush dress in a similar material to the rest of the girls' dresses. It was from Billy J Boutique, called the Kuluma Dress. We ended up finding Louise's dress a few months before the wedding but because she doesn't live near us anymore, we didn't have a chance to try it on with the rest of the dresses. I just knew it was going to look perfect though! Unfortunately I can't find it anymore to link it for you :(
So, here they are all in a row. I'm soooo happy with how they all turned out. I love that they're not typical 'bridesmaid' dresses so the girls will all be able to wear them again and get some use out of them. I couldn't be happier with how they all looked together :)
My tips for finding mismatched dresses:
- Decide what you want them to have in common.
Do you want them all to be the same colour or just similar tones? Do you want them all to be strapless or a particular style or length?
-Make sure the 1st dress you find is an absolute winner and you love everything about it. Once you've found the 1st dress, it usually makes finding the rest easy!
- Have amazing bridesmaids who are happy to wear anything 💖