Our Wedding Planning: Part 3 // Choosing My Dress

Perhaps the most anticipated part of wedding planning is choosing the dress!

I started my search pretty early on in our wedding planning and I'm glad I did. I had always had an idea of the type of dress I would wear on my wedding day. In my head, it was long sleeved, loose, flowy, very boho.

With that in mind, I booked appointments at both Grace Loves Lace and Made With Love Bridal. I had a favourite dress in mind from both designers.

From Grace Loves Lace, I adored the Arden. I was drawn to it's statement sleeves and loved that it was loose fitting. From Made With Love, I had my heart set on the Mimi. At each designer, I tried on 5 dresses and left my favourites until last. When I tried my favourites on, I didn't like either of them on me!

I didn't love any of the dresses I tried at Grace Loves Lace. I loved the dresses themselves, but just not on me. When I went to Made With Love, I loved 3 dresses. There was 1 that I loved more than the others and that my mum and maid of honour also loved. I went back a second time and decided on the one!

My whole experience was Made With Love was great from start to end. I didn't feel rushed at any of my appointments and had enough time to spend some time in each of the dresses to see how they felt sitting, standing, walking etc.

I was super surprised that the dress I ended up choosing, is nothing like I had ever imagined I would wear on my wedding day. It's the complete opposite but I love it! Seeing something on yourself can really change your perspective and what you had in your mind as your dream dress, isn't always going to be the one you end up loving on yourself the most.

You'll have to wait 3 more weeks until I reveal my chosen dress :)

Here's some pictures of the 2 dresses I loved most from both designers.


The Arden // by Grace Loves Lace

The Mimi // by Made With Love