Our Wedding Planning: Part 2 // Choosing Our Celebrant

To us, our celebrant is going to be one of the most important people on our wedding day. They are the one who makes it official after all.


When we first started talking about our ideal celebrant, we knew we wanted someone who was fun, easy to talk to who made us feel at ease and we were comfortable around.


Some couples we know were specifically after either a male or female celebrant, however we weren’t fussed whether our celebrant was a male or female. This sort of made it harder because there are so many options around the Gold Coast and Byron Bay that we couldn’t easily narrow down initially.


I made a couple of enquiries with local celebrants and when we received a response from our chosen celebrant, we knew straight away that she was the one! We hadn’t met in person though so we were hesitant to lock her in straight away without meeting her.


Funnily enough, that weekend we went to a wedding venue open day and unbeknownst to us, this celebrant was there. While chatting with her, we hit it off straight away and it wasn’t until half way through our conversation when we thought we should introduce ourselves, that we realised it was the lady we had been talking to.


After our initial conversation, Jake and I chatted between ourselves and decided we definitely wanted to lock her in!


Our chosen celebrant is Leisa Ottley from Ceremonies by Leisa. Our conversation flowed effortlessly and Jake and I both recognised how at ease we felt while chatting to Leisa. We bonded over our love of Aperol Spritz’ at our first meeting and every time we’ve seen her since, it’s like catching up with a friend.


Leisa has been so helpful throughout the whole planning process and not just with the ceremony/celebrant related things. When we needed recommendations for other vendors, Leisa was super quick to pass on her suggestions.


About 8 months after booking Leisa, she was at another wedding open day and I honestly didn’t expect her to remember me as we had only met her once and spoke for about 20 minutes. She remembered me straight away and also remembered the month we were getting married in (which was still about a year away) and where.


We’re now at the point of writing our vows and Leisa has also been great throughout this process. There were a couple of things I knew I wanted to include in my vows but wasn’t quite sure how to articulate them and Leisa helped me word them perfectly.


 If you’re getting married anywhere near the Gold Coast or Byron Bay, I definitely recommend checking Leisa out.

You can find her instagram here or her website here.